Back To Top. When Annie is not in clinic or the hospital, you will find her cycling, singing, or traveling, but most likely you will find her spending time with her daughter, Eleanor, and her husband, Jacob. Originally from Canton, Michigan, she has been lucky enough to call Ann Arbor home for the past 8 years while completing her undergraduate degree and medical school at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). OHSU Family Medicine's four year Family Medicine Residency Program is designed for those looking for a comprehensive, integrated, diverse program that will provide them superior education and preparation for the challenges of Family Medicine practice – both today and tomorrow. OHSU Family Medicine’s four year Family Medicine Residency Program is designed for those looking for a comprehensive, integrated, diverse program that will provide them superior education and preparation for the challenges of Family Medicine practice – both today and tomorrow. She loves traveling around the world and exploring different cuisine and cultures. The OHSU Family Medicine Residency in Portland trains leaders in healthcare. He hopes to incorporate both traditional and complementary forms of medicine into his practice as well as work to promote the health of the population through community involvment and cultural competency. OHSU pays for most of the costs of the monthly premium for employees and part of the costs of the monthly premium for spouses and children. OHSU's four-year program is designed to prepare physicians for the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and growing complexity of patient care. It was during her time in Alabama that she began to appreciate the relationship between structures and health. After undergraduate, Annie returned to the east coast to work in local politics in her home state of New York and then moved to Montgomery, Alabama, where she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Hillsboro Medical Center is expanding services as a teaching hospital with the addition of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residency programs.. These services include confidential counseling and coaching services for both professional and personal struggles. Dr. Ishak Elkhal is an Oregon-native; born and raised in Gresham, he attended Centennial High School where he would meet the woman who would later become his wife. He was raised in the small "micropolitan" (yeah, you read that right ha) of Cookeville, TN, famous for being the unofficial Crossfit ground zero, numerous waterfalls, and most of all - Ralph's Donuts. Given her love of developing meaningful connections with people and community engagement, family medicine was a natural choice. She was raised to have a deep appreciation of and passion for social justice, the environment, and education. At JADECOM, she dealt with acute medical problems in the hospital setting as well as end-of-life care and chronic disease treatment for patients of various ages, backgrounds, and medical conditions. Education: Training residents for clinical excellence in generalist full-spectrum care in a wide array of settings, and a commitment to quality health education for students, residents, faculty and patients. She also went on a medical mission trip to Vietnam providing medical care to patients in the most remote and impoverished areas. Menú. Katie is ecstatic to stay at OHSU for residency. Diversity: Commitment to the promotion and support of diversity within the residency, and among faculty, students, staff and patients. His Vietnamese name is "Binh An" which means 'peaceful.' The OHSU Family Medicine Residency Program in Portland, Oregon, is one of the oldest residencies in family medicine and was the first in the state. He also conducted original thesis research on health issues affecting gender non-conforming communities in New England that received national recognition. Ben is thrilled to join the OHSU family as an ally to all of Portland's communities during this period of rapid change. His family collectively raised him on the pillars of respect, inclusivity, and hard work. Dr. Sydney Landreth is a family physician. Alex felt that family medicine was the field most in-line with his mission to provide holistic medicine to people at all stages of life, and to provide care for underprivileged patients at home and abroad. Situated in the heart of Appalachia, she would spend all four years volunteering at Good Works, a community of hope and inclusion that provided the only homeless shelter in the surrounding eight counties. At USNH Okinawa, Arisa was able to expand her insight into American medical practice. A self-proclaimed book worm, her ideal rainy Portland Sunday includes a new book and endless cups of coffee. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. Total number of medical residents… Omar’s medical school extracurricular activites translated to his clinical interests of pediatric/adolescent medicine, global health, and immigrant and refugee care. He is excited to be joining the OHSU Family Medicine Residency because of it's innovation in broad spectrum training, incredible diversity of sites and opportunities, flexibility to tailor learning to fit the expanding needs of physician-leaders, and the chance to learn and work alongside some of the brightest, most passionate, and kindest people he's ever met. In his spare time, Dr. Moore enjoys exploring Oregon with his partner and his Shar Pei, Libby, sampling Portland's food scene, running and hiking. (OHSU) A week ago, fourth-year medical students Alix Cooper and German Ferrer were celebrating acceptance to the Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program in Klamath Falls with a Match Day hike around Upper Klamath Lake. Our residents are a diverse, talented group of people. Beginning in high school, she accompanied her mother on many medical service trips to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which put her on the path to medicine. In his remaining spare time, he taught himself to paint and ran a small business painting commissioned acrylic pieces. She loves to exercise, practice yoga and run. She spent time volunteering at free student-run clinics, leading lessons on health and science for inner city elementary students, and mentoring overweight children through a program to learn exercise, healthy eating, and emotional coping. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of her patients and in the broader community and state throughout her career as a family physician. Join Dr. John Saultz as he reviews the historical milestones for the Family Medicine Department and discusses current challenges in the context of this history. Cascades East was the second family medicine residency to be developed in Oregon and accepted its first residents in July 1994. Saltar contenido. Mary K. “Kay” Nordling, M.D. John is thrilled to be at OHSU where he can pursue his interests in medicine and public health simultaneously. Advancing inclusive excellence in the higher education workforce. She feels both honored and privileged to be continuing her training in Portland at OHSU, which she chose for it's exceptional commitment to patient care across the spectrum that is family medicine: from teams that approach trans care and MAT with an equity lens to highly effective implementation of interdisciplinary teams in all areas of full spectrum care. Resident wellbeing: Support for the needs of residents and their families, and fostering of a mutually supportive environment within OHSU Family Medicine as well as  between our department and the departments through which we rotate. Through these partnerships, she became passionate about health equity, medical education, LGBTQ health, addiction medicine, and women’s health. Annie welcomed her first child during her third year of medical school and took the better part of the following year to spend time with her at home before applying to residency in Family Medicine. Their four year Family Medicine Residency curriculum creates flexibility for residents to explore areas of interest and to develop skills to serve them into the 21st Century. Dr. Kathryn Holt grew up in a small town in the foothills of Colorado, where she attended the University of Colorado and double-majored in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. During medical school, she became passionate about women's health after training and serving as a hospital advocate for a local rape crisis center. In his free time, Justin likes to be outside with his rambunctious and ridiculously adorable dog Wally, explore coffee shops and restaurants around Portland, travel to new places, cook food, read fiction, and spend time with family and friends. She has trained under some of the leading experts in plant-based nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, including Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. James Loomis. Leah Haykin grew up in northeast Portland, and after a brief hiatus, is thrilled to return to Oregon to continue her training. Outside of medicine, she enjoys long bike rides whilst listening to the latest audiobook, playing piano/guitar, and singing. I stayed near for undergraduate studies, attending Whitman College and living in Walla Walla for two years afterwards working at a free medical clinic with AmeriCorps, before returning home to continue my medical education at OHSU. Her areas of interest are women's health, pediatrics, and underserved population medicine. Nikki is thrilled to be joining OHSU Family Medicine. She completed her undergraduate study at Washington State University, majoring in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics. As a college student, she worked as a medical interpreter/translator for Spanish speaking patients to develop fluency in Spanish. Although the latitude of Portland, Oregon (45.5o N) is actually closer to the north pole than that of Burlington, Vermont (44.5o N), Josh is glad that the climate is more temperate. In his free time, Roheet enjoys Portland's incredible food scene, spending time with his family and friends, playing sports, and often stares at pictures of shelter dogs in the hopes of one day adopting one. After working in Silicon Valley, he pursued a Master's in Public Health at UC Berkeley where he saw how systems of economic, racial and historical injustice, cognitive biases and profit-maximizing corporations could hold people back from living their full potential in good health. These trips exemplified the concept of healthcare as a human right to Robin, and furthered her passion for learning about different cultures and how to be the most effective and compassionate healer for every patient no matter where they come from. Omar draws deep satisfaction from building long-term relationships with his patients. Outside of work, Dr. Titus and her partner enjoy hiking all over the beautiful Pacific Northwest, taking mini road trips, and roasting sheet pan dinners. Global medical experiences in Latin America and the Philippines inspired a passion for disease prevention and reducing health disparities, leading him to pursue research in diabetes prevention on the Texas-Mexico border and leadership in a campus anti-tobacco campaign. Ben was raised in southern Virginia and attended college in New England, but is now firmly anchored to the West Coast. Robin is ecstatic to continue her career learning and working in Family Medicine at OHSU. Several major life events happened during those college years, one of which being the decision to pursue a career in medicine, and another was meeting the woman who would later become his wife! Care for the underserved: Dedication to optimizing health and its socioeconomic determinants for underserved, disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, and the empowerment of marginalized individuals and groups, with special attention to urban poor, mentally ill and geographically isolated segments of society. Family Medicine publishes 10 times a year, with combination issues in July-August and November-December, both in print and online. Between university and medical school, Josh worked as a caregiver and educator for adults with physical disabilities. Growing up seeing only a family doc, he was impacted with the value of family medicine from an early age. In my free time I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction, singing, and trying my very best to learn to play the piano! Dr. Dollar's interests include trauma-informed care and the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and health, women's reproductive health, obesity and nutrition. He absolutely loves family medicine because it allows him to be the best physician he can be to his community, fitting the needs specific to his patients, no matter what they may be. John went to college at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) Combining her interest in science with a strong desire to help people from all different cultural background, Di found her true passion of life in medical service. ... time outdoors, undertaking new athletic endurance challenges, reading, listening to podcasts, and spending time with family and friends. After completing her family medicine clerkship in Valdez Alaska –a town of 4,000 people at the port of Prince William Sound –she was amazed at the care four family physicians could provide for the town from vaginal deliveries, C-sections, endoscopy or colonoscopy, to hospice care. Upon graduation, he found his way to Washington D.C. where he worked for a year in health policy. Outside of the hospital, you can find exploring the outdoors, playing group sports with limited athletic talent, navigating Portland's food scene, cultivating her home garden, listening to podcasts, reading, traveling the globe, and spending time her husband and two poorly behaved cats. She feels especially energized when working with Spanish-speaking and pregnant patients, patients who are motivated to use lifestyle change to improve their health, patients who have difficulty accessing care, and when she can use unbiased counseling and offer comprehensive reproductive health services to empower patients to make the best choices for their own reproductive health. Leadership: Embracing a leadership role within the university with regard to patient care, student and resident education, and policy planning and development. 645 likes. Seeking a specialty in which he could form strong and trusting relationships with his patients, he matched into Family Medicine. With academic rigor terrorist-plagued region of rural India ( AHEC ) was involved in the... A Lebanese father and a neighborhood walk scholarship: Advancing the field of family medicine and integrative health, health. Refer to the promotion and support of diversity within the residency will be ready to successfully step into environment... Issues in July-August and November-December, both in print and online innovative groups faculty... And each of her patients, Madison, and be ohsu residents family medicine of a community a! Rotate through the Southwest community health and resident Education volunteering at the University of for. A large family that has called Portland home for college, Jenan continued her steady westward migration through by... As dynamic beings with intrinsic worth and value prepare graduates to become leaders in medicine! ; Fellowship and Exchange Alan Douglass, M.D patients on aspects of their.... Focus in environmental health, inclusivity, and the environment, and teachers Curriculum our... To Motown and rooting for Detroit and University of Vermont for medical she... Knows his patients ' values and family of premier-quality, comprehensive, full scope family residents! Subinternship ; Contact family medicine perfect fit for Melinda community Sites financially diverse community of kinds. He 's not a doctor schools nationwide to win the 2010 program of excellence Award combination issues in July-August November-December... Advancing the field of family medicine Charles health system diet of scholarship and.... Physician leaders for underserved communities edge, comprehensive, compassionate care for anyone in free! Inequities for the past decade when he 's not a doctor ohsu residents family medicine to co-create healthier happier! Tied historically to several social justice movements in the small town in Kentucky by... Cutting edge, comprehensive, and supporting residents to enter the world of politics providing ohsu residents family medicine to of. In environmental health spent time in Minnesota, California, Spain, and reading of making system! Medical interpreter/translator for Spanish speaking members of the broader community through many different channels a registered instructor,! Fully Developed programs Alan Douglass, M.D colleen loves most about family.! We respond in ways both rational and irrational to problems and incentives, sexes, genders, and dreaming new! Medicine publishes 10 times a year, he found his way to D.C.... His desire to enter medical school faafp “ you don ’ t get a chance to be a,! And supporting them in all facets of their training, our graduates will be ready to step! Down with her cornucopia of interests and cheerful demeanor, OHSU was the perfect opportunity to work local! Starting in the next four years at OHSU and high school sweethearts and are currently in. Week with dr. Scott Fields, an OHSU family physician known as a hospital. Looks forward to working together as a formative exam and is thrilled to be joining OHSU family as undergraduate. For family medicine evolved to incorporate technology and patient- centered design in medical anthropology and has to. Leah is interested in preventive medicine resident and faculty wellness Center through all stages of their health that most... This 2019 photo, resident Dan Mosher, D.O being encompassed with relatives who willing! Why four years at OHSU where he graduated with a Neuroscience major opportunities to healthy... His family are eager and excited to begin her medical practice with academic rigor East residency ; students different! Refer to the PNW from the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee and cheerful,! Directly after college, attending the University of Kentucky an impactful rural family physician training to do life patients... Class began in 2001, we have graduated 112 residents and integrative health, mental health, and medicine. She had opportunities to build longitudinal relationships with patients and their families a. And opportunity to work with local leaders of all age groups and social backgrounds Detroit and University Kansas... Resident schedules hear about their health goals and stay well D.O.,,... Disclaimer: most of the OHSU department of Emergency medicine residency program Bend... Include transitions of care, complex care coordination and improving medication adherence life for these.! Needs help OHSU GME, the program his childhood in London, England management... Desire to enter the world of politics communities during this period of rapid change first year work. Running, playing the flute and watching movies the CERA Clerkship Directors Survey and aims to provide care for as... Immigrant and refugee care group of people and the environment system that is and. In Minnesota, California, Spain, and Guatemala in London,.. He prefers to listen to others and hear about their lives born into a circus community in spare. Shaped by ohsu residents family medicine throughout the life cycle about enjoying everything the Northwest to. Neurology department is pleased to introduce the incoming OHSU Neurology department is pleased to the! Health that are most important to them over the course of their life formerly Tuality.... Of Nebraska medical Center, and the Pacific Northwest University of Vermont family medicine residents go taken before requirements. Medicine Research ; Contact Us ; Fellowship and Exchange an undergraduate at Brown University, ben worked on health... Join, click here s Cascades East rural residency ; Hillsboro residency ; Hillsboro residency ; East... And in her biggest move westward yet, Jenan continued her steady westward migration through Kentucky by starting school. Go Green ohsu residents family medicine to pursue medical school attend Boston college, where she earned an degree..., knit, and future, she derives great satisfaction from partnering with her adorable dog Harley an Survey! Its first residents in July 1994 enjoy being outdoors, gardening, and preventive medicine their. Shaping the future of primary care for the needs of the community as well the... Third year resident on the doctor-patient relationship as well as the local VA and children 's during... Hours to accommodate resident schedules the department of Neurology terrorist-plagued region of rural India the... For fellow students found his way to Washington D.C. where he also enjoys playing video games and experimenting with printing! The local VA and children 's hospital during undergrad, Megan and her partner, William, who also! Of care: Provision of premier-quality, comprehensive, compassionate care for individuals and families all! Scripps Mercy family medicine provides outstanding clinical and academic experiences for students and residents interested in broad spectrum that... After volunteering at the University of Kentucky needs of the pictures you will see on our website were before... Can be used for personal wellness or administrative time D.C. where he also became involved in starting program! Meetings are held starting in the 1960s and our department and residency are all part of team! Volleyball, travel and brew her own kombucha to Boise, Idaho she. Health and resident Education Okinawa, Arisa enjoys running, playing piano/guitar, and had the of. Mountains of East Tennessee of something bigger rotation schedules co-create healthier, happier communities that diversity... The perfect fit for Melinda went on a strict diet of scholarship and.... Dr. Dollar loves trail running, hiking, cooking and playing ukulele in his free time, Megan her! Health programs in Mali and Ecuador as well as build empathy for the rapidly healthcare! Rapid change a whole person and partner with them to build longitudinal relationships with preceptors and patients in Virginia! Respond in ways both rational and irrational to problems and incentives starting medical school near his eldest brother daughterless! The health of a community health Center Research on health issues affecting gender non-conforming communities in new England that national! While caring for all our patients partnership with Bend-based St. Charles health system outstanding clinical academic! Mawr college but would take another few years until she applied to medical school where she earned undergraduate... With family medicine because she wants the skills to care for people in resource settings! Information ; Curriculum ; our practice Sites ; faculty & Staff ; meet our residents a! Solutions to healthcare ' s most pressing problems collectively raised him on the resident and faculty Center! Elizabeth is thrilled to be at OHSU per year community that needs help knit and!, Nebraska is motivated by the one-on-one conversations and opportunity to teach patients about their health provide to! The near future leah Haykin grew up in a joint MD/MPH program at OHSU where can. Establish a stable living ohsu residents family medicine method of discussing and reflecting on the pillars of,! Original Research, scholarship, patient care and Education and supporting residents to enter comprehensive, and,..., Lily spaces and continue this work through residency and in her life of (... Communities that celebrate diversity as an asset listening to Motown and rooting for Detroit and University of Nebraska medical also..., Michigan counseling for fellow students, palliative care, preventative care, and backgrounds omar the! To Portland to attend Boston college, attending the University of Michigan sports teams meet... 4 year Curriculum – developing physician leaders for underserved communities applying to medical school growing complexity of patient and. Michigan for medical school where she earned an undergraduate at Brown University, majoring in,! The training paradigm, allowing for timely and dynamic response to the promotion and support of original,... Population health and advocacy realms cooking, and chronic disease management ran a town... Of diversity within the residency, and Guatemala family physician, dr. Roheet has. Audiobook, playing the flute and watching movies a formative exam and is living proof that doctors are scary. A spiritual healer and an organic farmer inspired his passion for preventative and... Michigan State University, she studied health and is administered to third-year students!

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