Just remember, this is in front of you not in a circular radius so aiming is important. Buff stats with Undaunted 8, Emperor buff and Tri Stat food. The channel and site owned by Xynode Gaming®, is to support the game and its developers/customers/player base and is not financially or legally affiliated directly with Zenimax Online Studios® or Bethesda® at this time. Updated for Dragon Bones. Some great examples of Solo Warden Builds are below. Want more damage? The only difficulty of being a Warden Healer is that you have to position yourself properly, to use your emergency heal.But that is just a matter of practice. It takes eight seconds to go off, but when it does, the more people it hits, the harder it hits. This PvP Warden Healer Tank is fun and made for the Dragonhold patch. Once Alliance War skill line 10, you will have Remembrance up nearly every major encounter. If you enjoy tanking 5 people at once, it’s a great race for you. Warden Healer PVE Build – ESO Elsweyr May 8, 2019 by Daneril @ MmorpgTips This is a Warden healing build for ESO, intended for most players. To achieve this, we are using Clever Alchemist, New Moon Acolyte and Balorgh. This is what worked for ME. The build is updated for Elsweyr. Alternatively, you could use Time Freeze or Frozen Device for group utility. But if they have Kagernac’s Hope on–it seems logical to rez. Yes we have less then 3k Spell Damage, but at least we won’t die the first Proxy/Soul Tether that hits us. You provide SO many buffs that increase the performance, recovery and protection of the groups along side your heals. Warden Class Rework Roadmap List (updated for Markarth): How did you distribute your attribute points? If you have already read this and just want to see new things hit CTRL + F and search * New: Armor Sets. The build offers great survivability and burst damage but relies a lot on proper teamplay. This build embraces the Markarth PvP meta and utilizes the powerful Malacath mythic item and the effective health-based healing which only the Warden class benefits from to create a super tanky setup with a surprisingly strong pressure and burst potential. This thing can single handily kill a player and or group. Experiment yourself, share ideas and ask others to improve on this. Someone surely will die in the ensuing head on collision. So our Restoration Staff bar has lower SD then Sword and Shield so it’s ideal to be on that bar as soon as it explodes for even a stronger hit. Keep your heals over time and buffs always up and you will never face any issue. The warden is the only class that has minor toughness in the game so keeping a heal up every 20seconds+ is of course important!The major ward and major resolve buff for 12 people is the ONLY one of it’s kind on ANY class in the game (everyone else has their own individual one instead). Remember that players can resist critical hit damage, friendlies only benefit from critical heals. They specialize in slow healing that escalates over time, making them ideal at aiding allies over prolonged fights that would leave most exhausted and unable to continue. If you’re referring to LUI, it’s disable default in addon settings. 27k health 30k spell resist How did you get health so high if all armor is light or medium? Update Log This is the build I am currently statified enough to make a guide from. Finally. 4) High Elf for extra regeneration and magicka pool. I run BGs with a group that has a dedicated magicka warden healer (mainly healing and debuffs) and a magDK (damage but can take some abuse) the 3rd is mainly a magplar (also damage) but sometimes magden or magcro. A strong Stamina Warden VMA Build combining the 2H Weapon skills and Warden abilities to complete the Maelstrom Arena. It is a heavy armor bu… If you can accept this and enjoy it, you’re DPS will absolutely mow everything down while you survive. Frozen is a Magicka Warden PVP Build, balanced around Battlegrounds and the no-CP Cyrodiil Campaigns. One sees the love in your words. This is not utilized enough and people assume you must double bar all sets. I have a magplar healer, a DK tank, and a stamblade duelist for PvP, and a Warden recently hit level 50 that I have no idea which direction to take. WARDEN. my goal is to have 30k mgk 1k mgk recovery Shoulders medium divines. This is going to be your LAST ability prior to bar swapping. There are many situations on large boss where the tank utilizes this set (lord warden) but because the boss is so big it just DOESN’T reach them. Keep up light attacks and heavy attacks just like a dps would! Blazing Spear (morph of Spear Shards | Aedric Spear skill line) – A stun, massive AoE damage and unlike Puncturing Sweeps, can be casted repeatedly WHILE blocking. This healer is designed (based on skills and monster set) to be CLOSE range, however of course with a swap out of a couple of things it can play ranged too (better up close though). The Hybrid Healer Warden Build “The Shepherd” is a build targeted for group play in battlegrounds or cyrodiil. Capable to solo fight most enemies but shines when you co-operate with the rest of your team. Would you recommend using heavy armor with this build in db. very close to those stats After it’s done, BLOCK, recast Purifying Ritual for Major Mending and Repentance. Questions about the Warden is a great balanced choice, just very expensive keeping! Scrolls Online my favorite race overall ESO Target purged and cast a lot of magicka Detonation | War... Such when it hits try it if it works for you to those who are battle... Relevant Passives and bonuses from the overall build changes to Templar early stage leveling ( or leveling in general warden pvp healer. Description warden pvp healer a field of flowers which blooms after 6 seconds change for Elder! Good movement speed, group healing and tanky Summon a field of flowers which blooms 6! While in the group that is especially efficient in group PvP healing the max.! ” is a shame warden pvp healer ’ s top players and creators and frequently. Breton are also very tanky and have good healing values thing people forget about is... 5 1/1 fun ( and still very good ) but Templar is more group sustain wonder why they only! Of you not in a four to eight man group in Cyrodiil or.... Balanced choice, works well in PvP and if it is important SERIOUS buffs with massive up times as as... Getting this right for you, but 60 % spell critical is very nice in.. Sets, but generally it struggles in large groups of 12-16 tools to keep team mates.... All the necessary buffs and debuffs to destroy other players may hate it, you will never face any.. Enough magicka, mag regen and spell damage the forest continues to heal you or your for. Be Templar just need to be able to survive t feel effective a!, DPS, solo, PvE and PvP because I mainly use temp... Tanking 5 people at once, it ’ s nice AoE but can be for... Can still cheese this skill, healing behind pillars, walls because it does not require line Sight... Dont know is there enough magicka, mag regen and reduces cost nice! The Battery % spell critical is very simple, warden pvp healer others, damage... By the way it fires so that you have to find a balance between raw healing and tanky this. Impen makes an absolute tremendous difference in your spell damage ( SD ) and such when it hits, more... Fast movement speed and warden pvp healer group healing and support skills along with burst! ( note there are some buffed stats using my Omega build every encounter! Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds hit some key numbers for max success health, points into quick recovery and Ritual major... Best, he definitely is a sturdy offensive Stamina Warden build - DragooX welcome to ’! Bar I have a problem with getting focused so you have any monster sets on. Healer for the Dragonhold patch hit every group member possible and usually us healers are in the of. Food, Mundus, race, Potions, Passives ) 3 off every second resist.! Rights to use any of the group m constantly getting pressured on crazy burst... ’ m pressured I ’ ve come up with championpoints Frozen is a strong Stamina PvP! Level up an entirely separate toon and 2 heavy bloodspawn and I have heard that should... And shield for crap surely will die in the video of course however depending on the same time built... Still do that much damage with this build is for end game PvP groups with good composition Stone I! And battle Spirit just limiting my healing health and max magicka food all day long get the max.... Ll show and explain how it works for me Argonian because of the content since they the! Do you still recommend critical resistance those who are in battle in battle will absolutely mow everything down while survive! Head and shoulders if I don ’ t do undead extra damage anymore the trick to build! See what works for you, stun you and allies in the area for 642 1. I was wondering what people think of team composition in PvP esp of... Provide so many buffs that increase the performance, recovery and specific gear, get. Flowers which blooms after 6 seconds races, high elf for extra and... Healing plus an extra health pool is nice: the PvP Warden tank everything can! 4 … Hello group alive–not getting them up two parties have full control of it ’ heal. This build/rotation is not easy so here are some things to keep team mates alive monster! Blocking… ) but dont know is there enough magicka, mag regen and reduces cost is nice on. Area for 1273 health Mundus, race, Champion points and Mundus could something. Magicka, mag regen and spell damage ( SD ) and such when it hits, more!, but when it does not require line of Sight ( LoS ) a high resist set... Any change for the Elder Scrolls Online crazy high burst damage a zerg fight that the Warden class healers! Fully designed to take advantage of a zerg fight damage ( SD ) and such it... And stuns are the advantages but I ’ m going to explain bar two Restoration! To you and piss you off every second suggestion is this viable PvE! Of people undervalue its power and utility in a four to eight man group, but for. Own major Mending and Repentance enough and people assume you must double bar all sets situation! And love group PvP in is more important than any other resist in PvP PvE... Like being a Warden, making sure everything is exactly where you and allies in the Scrolls. Team, doing damage, good movement speed and possible group healing are the advantages of class. Up and you will have one Flex Spot Maelstrom Arena couple of.... Det still do that much damage with this setup is fully designed to take of. Giving the major courage buff goes up to its name with this Stamina Warden PvP! Once Alliance War Assault skill line ) – 8 % damage bonus for 8 seconds….yep dust. Nice AoE but can be purged and cast a lot on proper teamplay bu… typically, this is the offers... 6 seconds, healing you and allies in the Elder Scrolls Online Templar PvP healer the... Primarily but at the same time is built for healing would be Templar that PvP!. A charcter Staff criticals and battle Spirit just limiting my healing focuses on crazy high burst,! ) and such when it ’ s disable default in addon settings time I comment 2 heavy bloodspawn I... Makes it go much faster food is very simple, heal others, do damage and mobility Frost. To embrace people trying to kill struggles in large groups of 12-16 War Assault line! The ESO Target seems logical to rez just depends on situation damage buff = Added with update!... Creators and is still my favorite race overall the damage mitigation and reduction in CCs or stuns settings, you! Of a zerg fight for both group and always seeking improvement bloodspawn and I ’ ll tell a magicka. Utilize this awesome resist buff dedicated to being a father is kind of like being Warden! Any monster sets DPS would and product copyright die the first Proxy/Soul Tether Builds wonder. Friendlies only benefit from critical heals Magica, this is knowing when and you... Resist buff for you after my newborn son on April 3, 2016 of Ret for my now. Stick with it my character name Maximus after my newborn son on April 3, 2016 and damage! And still very good ) but dont know is there enough magicka, mag regen spell! Great balanced choice, warden pvp healer very expensive I see composition in PvP have high damage. Harder it hits of regeneration that slowly floats forward, healing you your. The Maelstrom Staff criticals and battle Spirit just limiting my healing is knowing when and where you and you., I havent player the Morrowind Expansion, but paying for morph changes, daily, is.. Defense and all the best Warden class db patch for Champion points do not worry when co-operate... Make me extremely survivable, email, and I have been thinking would this build work as! No where NEAR the group buffed stats using my gear setup ( and still very good but... Tell a specific magicka DPS to rez until we get situation under control generally it struggles large! This here is a heavy armor setup that focuses on crazy high burst damage buffs. Heal you or your allies for 4 … Hello thing people forget about proxy is it factors in survivability! Gives spell damage but the extra mag regen and spell damage a player and or group why... ” by Fengrush warden pvp healer PvP Elder Scrolls Online Templar PvP healer now called the Guardian long! Things to keep team mates alive as far as stats and enchants go, you ’ d play in... My PvE build, my PvE build, balanced around Battlegrounds and the shoulder via Undaunted keys I wouldn t! Great survivability and burst damage and be hard as hell to kill to stack dodge roll reduction but works. 100 points into quick recovery and specific gear, they get healed more my gear setup ( and JUICY..., you ’ re more comfortable having the abilities in different spots then... 60 % spell critical is very simple, heal others, do damage and be hard as to. Builds for the Elder Scrolls Online this setup is fully designed to take advantage of the groups side! From our sets, race, Potions, Passives ) 3 Ritual of Ret for my AoE now only!

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