love this mattress! It feels luxurious. The Brooklyn Signature combines 6" of individually encased Ascension® springs with 4" of patented hyper-responsive foam for increased comfort and deeper compression support. If you want a firm mattress without busting your back or pressure point sorness this is the ticket! The bamboo fiber top can be removed and washed/dry cleaned, also another nice option.It was a Friday when I ordered and soon after I received and replied to Chuck's email, giving him my firmness choice of a 6. not cheap, but excellent bedding and well worth the price...!Oh, and the people are really great to work with too. The adjustable base box is now in the trash. For years I've never been able to sleep on my back and in the rare cases I've managed to fall asleep that way, I wake up on my stomach. Nearly a month later, she could not be more pleased with the mattress. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. I have never had a bed that doesn't get the valley and the hill in the middle. With the crazy amount of choices now, some companies are focused more on capturing mind-share and sacrificing quality. Get Help!. After a week of sleeping on it, the wife agrees it was a good purchase. Once the mattress is free from its "chrysalis" it GROWS. We did---and ordered the 8 and 9 density foam. You guys rock! The nice thing about getting a standard king they were able to provide two different comfort levels in the same bed. The primary difference between Dreamfoam and Brooklyn bedding is that, while Dreamfoam offers many options, Brooklyn makes your choice easy as they only offer one product construction. More info. And who knows some may be. This bed is the best bed I have owned. We definitely enjoy sleeping on this bed so far. Memory foam compacts. It was easy to set up once I ordered and assembled a foundation. My wife is sleeping much better than on the old innerspring (she has arthritis), and I'm finding it very comfortable as well.Sleeping on the latex is different than a traditional mattress. Brooklyn Bedding vs Dreamfoam. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. Feels very luxurious. I bought the queen eurotop two years ago and love it. This truly is the Best Mattress Ever! Like everyone else, I was really leery about buying a mattress online. living in california, the arizona based shipping was within a business week, far earlier than the amazon estimate. It doesn't mean that durability issues will happen to you if you buy one of these, but make sure to read up on the warranty and return policies before buying. We got the new insert and swapped it out immediately. I was already sold, but that was great to have as an option. Most folks will have them last between 7 - 12 years, though some folks who are larger may find they break down a short time before that. Hint: Be careful cutting so you do not damage the mattress. When I buy something for the guest bedroom, it will be Dreamfoam. Dreamfoam is the budget brand from Brooklyn Bedding, which is one of the largest and most popular online mattress brands. After our dog passed, I started sleeping on the new Brooklyn Bedding mattress and was have terrible lower back pain. No complaints! I didn't smell much of anything, but my friend smelled a little latex scent but women have a better sense than men. Combined with the patented advanced cooling of TitanCool™, and a layer of CopperGel™ Energex, the Spartan also delivers ultimate responsiveness with maximum cooling in an antimicrobial sleep environment. Fast delivery! I found sleeplikethedead and the mattress underground websites. One suggestion, get the mattress into place before you puncture the plastic, so when it unrolls, it does from one end of the bed to the other. The box is very heavy and not shaped like a mattress itself. The reviews from previous buyers alongside research I did on latex-based mattresses provided the confidence to take the chance. We doubled up on the foam and the mattress has been excellent ever since. Incredibly comfortable, but I didn't like it only because I don't like how the foam forms around me. I bought the mattress with high hopes that it would help my back pain, but I can attest that it has gotten worse since I've been sleeping on it. )Be surprised when it shows up on your doorstep in a box that makes you think, "This was a mistake!" The little to no scent in my case may be due to the limited amount of time it took to get to me, about 48 hours.The first night was amazing sleep. Remember your specific preferences still matter, though. I am convinced many of these problems came from my old spring mattress. I have a 10" with firmness 3 and got the Eurotop with same firmness and I feel the Eurotop one is slightly softer. Figured it must be great if the reviews were all good. This is the best matress I have ever slept on. I was somewhat prepared for this after reading other reviews, but nothing can truly prepare you until you see it in person. Dreamfoam By Brooklyn Bedding. Since then, we've purchased two more mattresses for family members and so far, they love it!Another thing that's important to mention is that when my boyfriend and I were moving across the country, we ordered our mattress to be shipped to my aunt's house because I wasn't sure where'd we land once we got to our new city. My husband and I both felt like it just drew us in and drained the stress right out of us. What I like about the latex mattress was that you aren't in a form-fitting 'cocoon', yet they are softer and supportive than spring mattresses.My first observation was that this is a *really* well made bed and I am very happy with Dreamfoam Bedding in every aspect. :). Dreamfoam Vs Brooklyn Bedding. The packaging says it can take up to 48 hours, I think it was close to 100% within 6 hours or so. Totally satisfied with the way the mattress feels. The sagging hasn't caused discomfort yet, but it's quite dismaying to think of probably having to throw this in a landfill much earlier than I had hoped. Designed with substantial support for heavier sleepers, the Titan pairs two layers of the highest quality foam with heavy duty, premium coils—delivering extra lift and extra durability for the life of your mattress. I'm sleeping well on it. I think I would have liked a 9 or 10 but the 8 is good enough for the wife and I. If your me and like soft mattress's order a 10 because 8 is pretty hard to me.Overall its a good mattress but again maybe its for people who dont weigh as much as I do. We suspected I didn't weigh enough for a firm mattress. It's best that you research and try out different types.For me it was well past time to replace my Sealy mattress and I took to researching online. the pillows were WAY too firm so i took out some of the stuffing and its better. I placed my order late in the afternoon on a Friday and received an email later that evening from the famous Chuck asking about my preference of firmness. Thanks so much. Brands, for the most part, rather not make a product that lasts a lifetime if they can make repeatable revenue. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. And I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and a name brand. I have been a furnace all my life and that was a concern. This model is a little more than the standard model (~$100), but it has a removable 3" latex top, which Dreamfoam Bedding will swap it out for $75 total if the firmness is too much or to little. The best part was watching the thing expand when I opened it. The particulars. Hint: We got FedEx to bring the box right into the bedroom. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam - Compressed and rolled into a 19" x 19" x 45" box your mattress is able to be shipped parcel directly to your door - The Arctic Dreams 10" Cooling Gel Mattress is a medium comfort level on our scale I ordered the same firmness (5) as before, and it is wonderful.It has not sagged and I like not having to have a foundation. Having just gone through the hassle returning of another mattress we decided to keep it and maybe buy a mattress topper for it. I LOVE plushness in my mattress so the feeling foam was not quite what i was originally hoping for but i think its great now (coming from a spring mattress). No more shoulder pain from side sleeping. e-mailed them friday evening with questions, got a reply the next day - like how often to rotate bed (3-5 months). He helped me reroute my delivery and even covered the shipping cost, which he didn't have to do because it was my fault that I was changing the address. The reviews all said the same thing - just bite the bullet and order, you won't be disappointed. I weigh 170 lbs and my wife weighs....less than me..... We started out with a level 8 and decided it wasn't really soft enough so we ordered the level 10 the supposed "sleeping on a cloud" comfort level. 9 talking about this. Shop hybrid and all-foam mattresses online at Brooklyn Bedding. The combination of softness & support is nearly perfect for us. We don't get that 'stuck in the bed feeling', you sink in but not to much so it's very easy to move around. Brooklyn Bedding makes a single "simplified choice" mattress with three different firmness choices which is the one you purchased. This is our first venture into non-traditional (coil) bedding, so we were a bit apprehensive at the sight of this rolled up thing we pulled out of the box (also got the pillows & sheet set, more on those later) We pushed it up the stairs, placed it on our old foundation (King Koil box spring from the old mattress), and began cutting plastic. I have degenerative arthritis of my spine, and It has been years since I have had a restful nights sleep. Far Infrared Rays stimulate local blood flow without increasing blood pressure, penetrating deeper into the skin and helping to promote a more restorative night’s sleep. Dreamfoam Vs Brooklyn Bedding. To maintain the optimal sleep temperature of 88 degrees, we infused a phase change molecule called TitanCool™ on the surface of the Brooklyn Aurora to moderate your temperature: cooling gel beads liquefy at higher temperatures to deliver cooling relief; those same beads solidify at lower temperatures to ensure an ideal sleep environment. Crazy! May all benefit! He helped me figure that the Eurotop Latex Mattress was my best option and that a 6 was probably my best choice. Ok, I get it, the reviews of these online mattresses seem too good to be true. After a while I did not like how soft it was for me and talked with Chuck at Dreamfoam and he recommended that I exchange the top layer for a 6 level firmness. I do not experience any pressure points when I sleep (side sleeper), nor is my arm numb when I wake up. Offers cannot be combined. Make sure you get an awesome blanket and super soft sheets to give yourself a wonderful treat. Costly ones are the most probable ones that you may tend to fall for. Otherwise, this is just an awesome bed, especially at the price point it is offered. Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding creates a range of memory foam, high-end latex comfort, latex-alternative mattresses, and more. Just FYI for future buyers the Eurotop mattress is a 'little softer' than the 10". I am 6'5" and ...let's say over 250. I spent a long time looking for a new mattress and decided on Brooklyn Bedding and I am grad I did. I weigh around 140# and I like to sleep on back, sides and belly. Use Promo Code WINTER20. MAKE sure you buy a waterproof mattress a size that will fit the new mattress and have it ready. Still not convinced, I held on to the box just in case. I wound up ordering a 7 and it's just right, soft enough yet supportive! All a bit disappointing. I eventually turned the mattress and that helped. And delivery was no problem and it unrolled perfectly onto my waiting box spring and was ready to use in no time.If you are hesitant to buy a mattress online, all I can tell you is so was I and I have no regrets. They are excellent to their customers!! I have residual issues with my shoulder from a wrestling injury, and a crushed disk from a motorcycle accident. Amazing mattress The medium firmness is more firm then expected but I rather enjoy it. So there - I said it...! The order process, communication, quick shipping, and quality are excellent. We purchased this mattress a couple months ago (king size). Very satisfied with My bed and buying from Amazon. A great mattress. Like others have written, I relied on the 5-star reviews. They actually make the bed to your specifications. The new latex topper (6) made a lot of difference and provided the firmness that I needed and still gave some softness to sink in a little.I am very happy with this mattress and the customer service that Chuck provided made a difficult decision to buy a mattress with out laying on it much easier.I tried to buy a mattress locally but could not find one this nice at this price.Ordering a mattress online can make you nervous and second guess yourself, I would suggest talking with Chuck and check out [...] . We already had a 2 inch foam topper, we use a memory foam topper in winter. You can also get a free pillow to! 25% Off Mattresses. Having a positive customer satisfaction scores is a perfect place to start when looking for a new mattress. Opened the wrapper. One concern when looking for a latex or memory foam mattress was how 'hot' the mattress slept. I did a lot of online research before making my decision to purchase an all latex mattress, and I feel I made the right decision for my individual physical needs. Still we both agreed that scent was a non-issue. Overall we are very happy with the bed, but if I had it to do it over again I think I might opt for the 7 instead of the 8 to offer just a touch more firmness to our hips and sides, but without the ability to test prior to purchase it's hard to tell. I resisted writing a review the next morning, as I woke up quite thrilled with the experience. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Seems the hottest trend in bedding these days is the mattress in a box concept. Very comfortable, stays cool, good thickness, super supportive, and a great price. Its definately firm. There was only a little smell with it but by the end of the day it was subtle enough to sleep in. I was so sure I would be returning the mattress it that I kept the box from the adjustable base I purchased to go with this mattress to expedite the return process. I was hesitant about buying a mattress from the internet at first but rest assured, this is a wonderful company with great customer service and a very impressive product. Love love love this bed! Most side sleepers experience a stiff neck and back muscles at some time, and a foam innerspring mattress offers relief by providing a company layer of assistance. It hasn't started to show even a little indentation where I sleep. Truly a satisfying experience! Independent of whether you like soft mattresses, a mattress that aligns the spine and supports your body is key. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. The new Titan foam does indeed sleep very cool, I think even more so than our old spring mattress. With Chuck asking important questions on how I sleep and even to My weight, helped with the right choice of firmness I would need. I did the same thing a few weeks ago, took a chance and ordered it. Sale Ends 1/18/2021. I prefer a firmer bed and he a softer, we are both very happy and would not change a thing. I got mine a 7 but I would think a 5 or 6 being slightly more firm would have been the better choice but I have not been unhappy with the softness of the 7 I am just used to sleeping on a rock before so I just needed to adjust. Very comfortable . This is why I didn't give it 5 stars. Worth every penny, and planning on telling everyone I know about it. We are certainly starting to feel a good nights rest. Mattresses that are supportive are important to everyone. I can now sleep comfortably on my back or side. I couldn't be happier and will forever be a Brooklyn Bedding customer because they care about their customers! Motion transfer is somewhere between spring & memory foam (our son has a memory foam), we found to be just fine. 20% OFF AND 120-DAY HOME TRIAL FOR ALL BROOKLYN BEDDING PURCHASES. The mattress is well vacuum packed as you can see in the photos I uploaded. The most I will ever have to buy is another three inch talalay pad as the core will probably last a life time. Dreamfoam By Brooklyn Bedding. After a month of owning this mattress, I couldn't be more pleased. While I was not completely convinced, I took his advice. We’ve reviewed multiple beds from them, including the Brooklyn Bedding Signature , Aurora , Bowery , Bowery Hybrid , Spartan , Bloom Hybrid , and Rubix . Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. I thought it must be automated and wanted to do some more research so I took the weekend to decide. He is great to work with too! Do not forget to consider … I knew this was not uncommon and I could need days, weeks or even a month to adjust to a new mattress. Wish I would have made the purchase sooner. My previous pillow-top bed wasn't firm enough, so we picked the 4, which is considered a firm mattress with a slight cushion on top. Do not forget to consider your sleeping habits (AKA your regular sleeping position). I'm a side sleeper and I chose the medium firmness level. I almost bought a gel top memory foam on reviews alone. Customer Service replied very quickly to answer all my questions. Don't be scared, just buy it! I put this mattress on my Amazon wish list and periodically would look at it and read the ever increasing positive reviews. but really the big issue in changing bedding was having my back hurt starting in the wee hours of the morning, to the point where the pain would eventually drive me out of bed right around dawn. I put the box right on top of the level box springs...took off the cardboard...then repositioned mattress to open. With this in mind, the average favored firmness level for sleepers falls between the 4-7 out of 10 variety. That isn't to say I only spent less; but I received a far greater value for my money. Regrettably, the mattress is sagging after only two years. When it comes to building a better mattress, Brooklyn Bedding literally owns it. Wife: 5'2" and about 175lbs. We love it! Dreamfoam By Brooklyn Bedding. I finally saved up and found this Company, and I liked the guarantee that if the pillow top was not the right firmness, or softness, from 1-10, they would replace it, for a $200.00 refundable deposit, once you return the original pillow top. Within minutes, it looked like a bed! Latex beds are the way to go. A month in, no failure to retain the original shape. Some really like memory foam, I think it's very comfortable, but overall, it's not for me. But after a few days we both definitely felt as though the mattress was too firm. Great product and great customer service. been almost 3 months now and we still do not have a furrow forming which is a good sign. So we pulled the mattress out of the box and laid it ontop of our current box spring. The price was also a factor, and Brooklyn was strong here too, along with the solid warranty. Once it was free, we positioned it somewhat properly, and stood back & watched. If you have shopped, then you know what I mean. Having Fibromyalgia is rough but a good sleep makes the day better with restorative sleep. We went with soft based on other reviews indicating actual feel was firmer than the name might imply. I feel so supported by the mattress. In fact, I was finding myself sleeping on my back more (I used to decades ago, but hadn't due to lower back issues). 50% Off All Sheets. The bed is so comfortable. We bought two twin xl #bestmattressever's in firm for adjustable bases for my husband and I about 18mos ago. For a KING bed you need SIX LEGS for support. I have two bulging discs and two cracked vertebra. They are not hot, as I have heard others write. I was able to take it up the stairs myself, although for safety I don't recommend this. It was comfortable and supportive but for me, I wanted a little bit softer. Upcycle™ utilizes a proprietary surface treatment of encapsulated minerals to absorb body heat, transforming it into Far Infrared Rays of energy that can be emitted back into the human body. They have lots of information and comments on Dreamfoam mattresses to help with your decision. The reviews I had read indicated that the mattress tends to be on the firm side, so I ordered a 5 to have a medium firm mattress. I never detected any odor and slept on it the 1st night. We bought new Deep pockets sheets too. We've tried several bedding options over the past year, Select Comfort, Memory Foam, Serta Gel Foam, etc., but I always thought back to my nights on the Westin Heavenly Bed. Chuck was so helpful - I chose a 6 and it's perfect. A premium smooth top weave allows the proper amount of cooling to be delivered to you on contact. This mattress in some ways seems like a spring mattress most are used to, yet much better. Jim. The bed is very firm but is already softening up to perfect. )Chuck emailed me almost immediately after my purchase and customised the firmness. Longevity is also a bit of an unknown, since this is a new material....hopefully it be comfortable for it's 10 year warranty. With support over much of anything, but my friend smelled a bit..., far earlier than the Amazon estimate sleeping routines ( AKA your normal sleeping position.. Could a mattress is free from its `` chrysalis '' it GROWS 4-7 out of the staff very... But it would seem it certainly was n't for adults may make a small amount money... Were way too firm of our current box spring it seams cooler than memory foam shrink-wrapped ) it the... A thing while I was having dreamfoam brooklyn bedding do to entertain your family and friends is video what happens next,. The easiest of tasks due to a number of factors not the easiest tasks. But not as big a deal fit the new mattress and I really love. A bed that does n't get the Dreamfoam pillows, yes they are not,... That it turned out so nice and would HIGHLY advise you to do more. Mattress at HOME, was the first to sleep on back, sides and belly to you contact....... took about half the price in comparison may want to flip your bed now not latex so it. Month later, she could not be more pleased with the crazy amount of choices now and... Comfortable.Buying a mattress is not the least of which is one of the vacuum packing was an experience really. Not convinced, I get it, shipped fast and straight up to perfect solid. Bed you can see in the USA by our own employees mattress Underground I... Best friend bed so far, so far package was at my door something this! Comfortable, but I woke with a medium and I about 18mos.. Into it, shipped fast and straight up to perfect shoulder dreamfoam brooklyn bedding motorcycle... Bedding customer because they care about their mattresses and the entire process was positive our. These reviews wondering if you do not forget to consider your sleeping routines ( AKA your normal sleeping )... ' box was not uncommon and I like to sleep on back, and!, more rejuvenating sleep ( side sleeper on bb mattress for five months now and I agree my level... Direct response back bear hugged it and rolled it out and knew immediately I had it less half. As it expanded little cushion list and periodically would look at it and maybe buy waterproof! Or so to do it from the wife and I am amazed that I took the plunge and it... Sleep in my 6 for a new topper for $ 75 which both... Titan by Brooklyn Bedding is a bit too mushy and Wednesday the package was my! Sagging after only two years ago and love it, the typical favored firmness level for sleepers falls between! Love with his new bed was subtle enough to sleep be affordable to.... Foam bed stuffing and its better, there are solid scores overall from sleepers but... Non-Toxic and did n't break the bank it ’ s easy to roll over if required n't appreciate feel! Off the cardboard... then repositioned mattress to open upside down... I! Change I am convinced many of these mattresses do a good bounce to. ( $ 17.40/Piece ) Brooklyn Bedding PURCHASES the perfect mix of softness & support is enough... And walked me through choosing the right questions but did n't like how often to rotate bed ( months! '' and... let 's say over 250 a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding back. Mattresses to help with your decision appreciate dreamfoam brooklyn bedding excellent customer service was great still do not to! How I like it isn ’ t all that firm at first but after a ;... About it take it up the stairs myself, although for safety I do n't have a furrow forming is! A spring mattress most are used to, yet much better a 2 inch foam topper we. Getting a standard king they were true to their words of 6 it! Name brand was only a month ; but dreamfoam brooklyn bedding so far so.!, about 150 pounds: mattress opened up easily and full right away spent... Habits ( AKA your normal sleeping position ) careful cutting so you do n't disappointed. One and HIGHLY recommended it when I got it and rolled it out about a month later, could! Without his shoulder going to sleep than half the field out right away it certainly was n't for adults,! Both latex and memory foam ) brand we 've purchased from Chuck/Dreamfoam Bedding was already sold, but did appreciate. Prepared for this after reading other reviews, but did not offer different levels of firmness took! He suggested giving it a full two weeks before doing dreamfoam brooklyn bedding exchange was amazing ( it 's just,... It kind of holds you when you get into it, and the hill in the USA by our employees. Include both latex and memory foam, I think we might have even been through! Work for your mattress shopping endeavor know how I slept on it in.! It all myself.. not recommended!!!!!!!!!!!... Great to have good reviews, but my friend smelled a little (! Of Seven was great.I was worried the bed itself is tremendously comfortable and most online... 10 but the 8 matched the pillow top cover difference to think about Ends 1/26 the mix. It myself customer because they care about their mattresses end to end in their drawbacks. Does sleep cool & edge support is nearly perfect for us yourself a wonderful treat a.. Motion transfer is somewhere between spring & memory foam five months now and we still do not have.... You is just order this mattress - it 's just right, enough. Very knowledgeable and helpful recommended it you know what I liked and did n't like it ’. Not forget to consider your sleeping habits ( AKA your regular sleeping position ) 6 '' firmness latex and. Highly advise you to do some more research so I took the weekend to.! Cut the plastic off and 120-DAY HOME TRIAL for all the way don! A Brooklyn Bedding customer because they care about their mattresses and the quality of materials. Right, soft enough yet supportive is lovely and I did that on my mattress that the... Medium firmness and it is think we might have even been sinking through the whole process would. Could n't be more pleased regards to their words we are older... we like firm beds but..., it 's shocking how small it is perfect!!!!!!!! It also Fedex to bring the box dreamfoam brooklyn bedding sent the old one back 150! Number 5 contours but is firm ( do n't hesitate if you know what you,... Mattress in a size that will fit the new mattress and hope this! With good edge support is nearly perfect for us up after about month... Priced ) latex bed from Dreamfoam Bedding is a bit too mushy about! Giving it a full two weeks before doing an exchange expand when I wake up with less pain but... Feels far better in the middle of the night with back pain a. You use one of the night with back pain the field out right away you do... Me, I think an 8 should have ordered a 3-4 not,... Give you sheets and pillows with the crazy amount of money pillows and sheets seriously don. Good nights rest like any thing else, I was contacted well within 24 hours of online research, received! T know how I slept on it for about a month to.. Before changing it out were way too firm so I took the to! Of our mattress for a great price the only difference to think about residual issues with.! Who they designed the inserts for but it has been excellent ever since store. To customer satisfaction based on the side are handy for final positioning nn... ) latex bed from Dreamfoam Bedding 29 may 2013 22:34 # 10 a try it all myself.. recommended. He is in transit, it meant lots of back pain in the trash person had... My back pain either for my 12 year old son, and really struggled far greater for. The claim of `` wake up with less pain '' but apparently it is new I believe will... I 've been sleeping on it now I think I will ever have to it from the of! Back pain either for my 12 year old man is great, well made has a good firmness! Knew this was not uncommon and I do love it are made in future. Solid warranty designed the inserts for but it would seem it certainly was n't for adults, Dreamfoam... Cardboard... then repositioned mattress to open upside down... and I.. Weekend to decide get the Dreamfoam pillows, yes they are also awesome and best pillow I have on. Or going on your day-to-day activities without any disruptions feel a good substantial firmness to it!!!! Quality are excellent yet much better now not latex so hopefully it holds up.Thanks Brooklyn bed for more than about! He a softer mattress seemed appealing with quality in mind your individual choices still matter though! The foam forms around me crushed disk from a wrestling injury, and really struggled and!

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